Events & Notices

Christmas celebration

Xmas decorations

We are very pleased to invite you to the upcoming Christmas Celebration of the Greek School of St. Athanasios

The celebration will take place at St. Paul's (Hills Road, Cambridge CB2 1JP). The nearest car park is Queen Ann Terrace Car Park, Gonville Pl, Cambridge CB1 1ND.

The schedule of the celebration will be as follows:

  1. Children need to be dropped off at 09:15am at St. Pauls for the rehearsal.
  2. Children should bring a small snack and a drink to have after the rehearsal.
  3. The celebration will start at 11:00am and will last for about one hour. Please arrive at St Pauls at 10.50-10.55am
  4. Refreshments will follow the celebration.

Please adhere to the above times as the Hall is rented for only a certain time.

We look forward to seeing everyone on 16 December to celebrate Christmas.

Xmas tree

Xmas decoration

Our Mission

The dissemination of the Greek language, culture and history, as well as the elucidation of the virtues of the Orthodox faith in the community.

About the school

photo of the school front

The school from outside

The School of St. Athanasios is a voluntary community school of the Greek and Cypriot communities living in Cambridgeshire and its neighbouring counties. The School works under the auspice of the Greek Orthodox Community of St Athanasios Cambridge, Registered charity no. 1040908 and is supported by the Education Offices of the Embassy of Greece and of the Cyprus High Commission. The school is officially recognised by the Greek Ministry of Education.

The school is in session during school term periods only and the lessons primarily take place on Saturday mornings. Additional classes, and in particular adult classes and classes for teenagers take place on weekday evenings.

We have a strong commitment to provide quality teaching by qualified teachers who are native speakers of Greek. The classes take place in a pleasant and safe environment in premises provided by the Community of St. Athanasios in central Cambridge.

The school operates in accordance to its Constitution and the guidelines of the EFEPE, the institution responsible for the Hellenic Education, Primary and Secondary, in Great Britain.

We run classes at various levels, from the Reception Level to the A2 level. We always strive to best accommodate the educational needs of children and this is the main criterion we use when we are forming the classes.

A brief history of the school

The School of St. Athanasios was founded in November 1968 by His Eminence Archbishop of Thyateira and Great Britain, Gregorios. Since then, it has continuously provided its services to the Hellenic Community in Cambridge. The School is a not-for-profit organization. It is a voluntary community school of the Greek and Cypriot communities living in Cambridgeshire and its neighbouring counties and works under the auspice of the Central Educational Council (Κ.Ε.Σ.), whose president is His Emincence the Archbishop.

The School has been strongly supported by the local Community. In particular, it had for many decades been located in the Community's premises at 5 Mill Road. In September 2015, the School moved to the newly acquired St. Athanasios premises where for the first time, the Church, the School and the Community came together at the same site.

Since 1990, the School has been supported by the Education Offices of the Embassy of Greece in London and of the Cyprus High Commission. Specifically, in 1990, the Greek Ministry of Education seconded the first teacher to the School, Mr. Nikolaos Voliotis. Since then, the school has been uninterruptedly staffed with a teacher seconded by the Ministry of Education in Greece. Moreover, the Cypriot Educational Mission has been providing funds for the employment of a part-time teacher. Furthermore, in 2012 the School was granted the status of an official Greek supplementary school by the Ministry of Education of Greece (Αναγνωρισμένο Τμήμα Ελληνικής Γλώσσας, ΤΕΓ).

Aims and Aspirations

The school aims to promote the Greek language, culture, traditions and history through classes, lessons and social activities.

In this general framework, the school, through its Governing Committee, strives to provide the following:

The school appreciates the support of parents in the following: