School Programme

The school is in session during school term periods aligned with Cambridgeshire Education Authority. The lessons primarily take place on Saturdays. Some classes, usually for older children and adults, take place on weekday evenings.

The school calendar is also available in PDFpdf form.

Term Dates

Term dates for 2017-2018 are as follows:

Term Start Date End Date Half-term
Autumn Term 9 September 2017 22 December 2017 23 October - 28 October
Spring Term 8 January 2018 29 March 2018 12 February - 17 February
Summer Term 14 April 2018 14 July 2018 28 May - 2 June
Bank Holidays Monday 7th May 2018


National Historical Events

Αγιασμός - Blessing

Αγιασμός/Blessing for the 2017-18 academic year
The Mayor of Cambridge, cllr. George Pippas, delivering a short speech

In addition to the teaching curriculum, we celebrate all historical events of national importance, in line with the national curriculums of Greece and Cyprus. We also celebrate other cultural events like the beginning of lent with the traditional flying of the kite and the delicacies that mark the beginning of the fasting period.

Social Events

Karnavali 2017

Karnavali 2017 party

We have three main social events in our calendar

These are all very lively and enjoyable occasions for the children as well as their extended families.

Special events for 2017-2018

Special events for 2017-2018
Event Date
School Celebration (28th October 1940) Saturday 21st October 2017
School attending Sunday Service at the Church of St Athanasios Sunday 19th November 2017
Christmas celebration Saturday 16th December 2017
The Feast of St Athanasios
School attending Sunday Service at the Church of St Athanasios
The Feast of the Three Hierarchs
School attending Sunday Service at the Church of St Athanasios
Sunday 28th January 2018
REGISTRATIONS: Certificate of Attainment in Modern Greek exams
ΕΓΓΡΑΦΕΣ: Εξετάσεις Ελληνομάθειας
1 February 2018 – 18 March 2018
Apokries party Sunday 18th February 2018
Triple School Celebration (Virgin Mary's Annunciation/25th March 1821/1st April 1955) Saturday 24th March 2018
Greek Orthodox Easter
Catholic Easter
Sunday 8th April 2018
Sunday 1st April 2018
Exams- Certificate of Attainment in Modern Greek
Εξετάσεις Ελληνομάθειας
8 – 10 May 2018
15th and 16th May 2018
End of year school BBQ (provisionally) Sunday 1st or 8th July 2018